"The jalapeno jellies are great! I was a bit skeptical at first, but when i finally tried them I LOVE them! I've used them in marinades at home for grilled chicken and they are very tasty!" Suzanne Shelton

"I made some of my family try the jelly! THEY LOVE IT....and now they want me to buy them some and mail it to them....LOL :) " Cynthia Estrada Miller

"Jalepeno Jelly is delicious. It completely transforms a boring sandwich into something you want to devour." Emily Voutaz Tuckett

"Stopped this morning to pick up a treat while I was running errands. I was instantly greeted with a warm and friendly welcome. My treat of choice this morning was a blackberry tart. Delicious! (I knew it would be - the raspberry tarts are a guilty pleasure of mine). I also picked up a cherry tart for my husband and a slice of key lime pie for my daughter. They won't be home till 4...I'm not sure their treats will still be here! On a whim, I grabbed half of a roast beef sandwich for lunch. That might have been the best decision I made all morning! Perfectly baked bread, roast beef, cheese, and the most wonderful cranberry jalapeno jelly that had just a hint of heat. I swear, if I didn't live clear on the other side of the valley, I'd be back for the other half! Awesome service, great prices, and super delicious food - you need to go here. Or get that jelly on line" Deb Justesen Reynolds